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How Foam Insulation is Installed

Fast and Efficient

Foam insulation dries very quickly. The approximate spray-to-cure time is from 17 seconds to 2 minutes, dependant on weather conditions and the area being sprayed.

Great Adherence

Foam insulation requires a solid surface for installation. It adheres well to almost any material, especially wood and steel studs - common materials found in residential and commercial construction.

In remodeling projects, foam and fiberglass are incompatible. If installed over top of the other, it will result in a chemical reaction that leaves an unpleasant smell. Fiberglass insulation must be removed before spraying foam. Also, places that are occupied, such as an attic, require an intumescent coating to cover the foam since it is not rated for direct exposure to people. The coating may add to the cost, but is only necessary in certain parts of a building.

When to Install

Foam spraying takes place after the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems are installed, but before drywalling is started. Using foam insulation shouldn’t pose any problems with the electrical in a building as long as it is installed per the National Electric Code. Any overheating issues with wiring in foam insulation is directly related to improper installation of the circuit or the size of the wiring. Polyurethane foam is compatible with electrical wiring plastic.

If a business or homeowner wants to make changes to the wiring after the foam is sprayed a certified electrical contractor can pull wire through foam insulation. For wires that may be moved frequently, such as home theater wiring, ENT conduit should be placed in the wall before the insulation is installed.